Throw the Best Graduation Party! Step-by-Step Graduation Party Checklist

Step-by-Step graduation party planning guide

We are halfway through 2017 and graduation season is in full swing. What that means is family, friends, colleagues and neighbors will join together to celebrate the studious graduate. A well-deserved admiration of their most recent achievement. Maybe this means college, or the ever-popular gap year. But, what we do know is this signifies a new beginning for parents and students alike.

With everything going on, your focus should remain on living in the moment. It’s easy for things to get lost or to lose track of key things that will make your party memorable. Use this checklist to keep you on the course. Check off completed tasks and take your party planning up several notches.

6-8 Weeks Before the Party:

  • Budget: Set a party budget
  • Staff: Ask for help! Going at it alone is fine, but asking for help adds to the memory.
  • Venue: Select the size and location of the space that will be used. If at home, make sure lawn and gardening needs are taken care of.
  • Rentals: Secure chairs, tables, lighting, serving ware and video or AV equipment (if your venue does not provide)
  • Food: Select a Caterer. Remember casual food choices are most appealing to all
  • Theme: Party colors! Choose a theme or colors
  • Invitations: Order your keepsake customized invitations
  • Guest list: Start this early, so you don’t forget anyone special
  • Paper Goods: Buy Paper plates, Cups, Cutlery. Or make sure your caterer brings these things with them, so you don’t have to.
  • Cake: Select a baker and explore design options that match your party theme
  • Music: Create a playlist, contract a DJ or get a friend to take on the music played for the day.
  • Thank You Cards: Your graduate won’t think of it. Thank everyone for sharing this moment with you.
  • Buy Stamps: Notes of appreciation are much more special when mailed.
  • Memory boards: Finish any scrapbooks or photo boards to make sure it is ready to be shared during the party.

[Download: The Step-by-Step Graduation Party Checklist]

Step-by-Step Graduation Party Checklist

3-4 Weeks Before the Party

  • Mail the invitations
  • Find the perfect party outfit for you and your family
  • Buy extra batteries or chargers for your digital camera or phone
  • Thank You Gifts: Buy or make gifts for your guests to take with them to memorialize this day.
  • Discuss your party plans with your graduate. Make sure you consider their needs or wants for the party.
  • Meet with your party staff. Your helpers may have forgotten the time of the party. Make sure you meet with them to keep your event on their calendars

Day of the Party:

  • Pick up the Cake
  • Set up decorations at home or at the venue selected
  • Don’t forget your pet. Find a comfortable place for your pet.
  • Check-in with your caterer to see what time your food will arrive or to confirm the scheduled pick-up time

This is one of the biggest moments of your life. You deserve a pat on the back as well. Your graduate is entering a new life stage. Give hugs, many hugs on the day of your graduation event. Remember what they say, feelings are fickle but memories last a lifetime. Well done.

[Download: The Step-by-Step Graduation Party Checklist]