Top Tips for Successful Company Summer BBQ Planning

Top Tips for Successful Company Summer BBQ Planning

Corporate parties happen to be an effective mode of boosting the employee morale along with showing them appreciation for doing their job well.  Though most of the company parties take place at end of the year, summertime is a great time to celebrate and have fun in the form of a summer BBQ party.

If you start company summer bbq planning early, your barbeque party could be a big success which everyone can enjoy!

Listed are the top 6 ways to ensure that your company summer bbq planning takes off successfully:


Everything has a budget and there is a budget for everything. To increase the frequency of these type of fun events, sticking to an event budget is ideal. Often times, the little things add up and cause us to over spend. Using an event budget template will allow you to track spending. Money matters at these events.


Venue is the most important aspect. A number of large companies rent pavilions at inclusive locations like theme parks or attractions. It is easier for smaller companies to plan the event closer to office and hire services of rentals and catering services.

Some venues are already equipped with gas grills and the essential supplies for barbeque parties. Sometimes they have the tables and chairs as well if not, you might want to consider renting these as early for efficient company summer bbq planning.  Hiring a catering company could solve the problems of the necessary supplies and equipment for you.


Deciding on the main food for traditional company summer bbq planning includes ribs, sausages, burgers and chicken but you have to have a barbeque party that your vegan or allergic colleagues can enjoy too.  Veggies burgers will be a good addition. Save yourself some time by selecting a caterer. Be sure to coordinate the correct drop-off time. Hungry employees are angry employees. Let’s get the good times rolling and display a spread that will impress.


Munchies are a must. Crisps and some light snacks should be offered while the guests wait for the food to cook. It kills time and helps in starving off hunger as well.  Some people like to treat their sweet tooth before the actual meal so have small desserts like ice cream or ice cream sandwiches. Don’t forget to ask your caterer about the options available when placing your order.


For perfect company summer BBQ planning requires you to ensure that there are plenty of cool drinks on the table. Sometimes people also bring along their families so there should be a mix of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  Lemonade with chopped summer fruits like oranges, cucumber, strawberries and mint leaves is the best and of course beer is a must.  Try mixing something different like limed or orange flavored beer.

Top Tips for Successful Company Summer BBQ Planning


Games and parties go hand in hand and to make your company summer BBQ planning success, do not forget the games as they are not fun but help in creating team building chances too. Your company summer barbeque party is time to have a good time with good food with your co-workers. Play good music to create an enjoyable environment.

Usually summer BBQ happens to be an open invitation for whole family so there will be kids too. You could plan some family competition games and kid crafts and special activities. Having few people on babysitting duty would add a star to your party.

Have Fun!